Medical Equipment for All Your Needs

We have two location to serve people.  We don't mind educating our clients.  Service to our customers is our first priority!
We don't only sell medical equipment like hospital beds and wheelchairs.  We also provide training to our commuinty on AED's
Automatic External Defibrillators are a must for community gatherings and church buildings
Our goal is to provide education to our clients on their medical equipment so they can live a better lifestyle.
Helping People The Most

Medical Equipment For All Your Needs

We accept most major insurances.
We are here to help our clients.

Helping The Community

United Medical is a authorized dealer for the
HeartSine Automatic External Defiburillator.
We are doing the most good where it counts. 
The Community
AED save lives when a sudden cardiac arrest event happens.
We provide community training and we sale the product.
Team Feedback
  1. Paulette Jackson
  2. Latisha Blount